If your stucco has started to crack or crumble over time it should be patched and taken care of very quickly. Cracks can lead to moisture seeping into your stucco exterior and will quickly cause more damage. Especially during the winter when water can freeze and expand. It will also cause the stucco material to become weak and compromised. Stucco is a great weather barrier because it is so moisture resistant, but cracks or chips in your stucco will remove the protective exterior that keeps the cold air and moisture out.

No need to worry though, Distinctive Stucco is ready to repair any stucco damage on your home or business and ensure that it will remain looking great and protecting your building for years to come.


Distinctive Stucco is certified in stucco restoration. Our experts are experienced in EIFS repair and we'd be happy to handle any major or minor stucco repairs needed on your commercial or residential building.

Stucco repairs need to be done correctly and effectively so that your exterior remains water and moisture proof. Otherwise some might only look repaired and the damage will quickly return to your building.

Could your building use more than just an exterior repair or face lift? If your building lacks sufficient insulation it could be costing more to heat and cool, increasing your overall carbon footprint. A building with an Outsulation® system is more energy efficient and sustainable. We offer solutions to can help your building perform better and look better than ever!

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