Stucco Painting Contractors in Southeastern Michigan

Distinctive Stucco offers painting services for your home or business with stucco exteriors in Michigan.

There are many benefits to have stucco on your home or business but what’s the point if you can’t have it painted a color you like? That’s why we offer stucco painting services for not only new EIFS installations but older stucco exteriors and stucco that needs repair or restoration. With a full range of color options, our expert team of painters are excited to work with you and pick out the best color options for your stucco or EIFS exterior!

We prefer to use Dryvits lineup of stucco and EIFS products, this means that the painting products we use are specifically designed for use on stucco exteriors. Stucco has a texture unlike any other exterior and it is important to use paints that will last on this type of texture and protect it. Not only will the paint we apply look great, but it will also become part of your stuccos protective and insulation system. These stucco specific paints are 100% pure acrylic based which will provide your home with maximum water protection and resistance so that your stucco exterior will not decay or need repair anytime soon.

Maybe your home or commercial building already has a painted stucco exterior that you like, and it needs to be repainted or restored. We will gladly match the color of your existing stucco so that you will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Our stucco painters take pride in performing this service for southeastern Michigan and would love to hear from you!