Stucco Makes Michigan Homes More Efficient!

A Stucco home exterior will insulate your home and reduce your energy costs!

Protecting your home from harsh weather is important in Michigan and all around the Midwest! We receive a very diverse range of temperatures from 100-degree days all the way to winters below zero. Because of this we tend to spend a lot on our energy bills due to heating and cooling costs throughout the Michigan seasons.

The best way to defend against this cost is by making your home more energy efficient through proper insulation. Stucco siding is a great home insulator and will ensure that your home is better protected from changing weather conditions and temperatures. Stucco will cover your homes exterior in a form of plaster that will make it difficult for exterior temperatures to affect the interior temperature of your home. With this extra layer of stucco siding insulation, your heating and cooling systems will not have to work as hard to keep your home at a desired temperature. This will decrease your energy costs!

Expect around 20% savings on heating and cooling costs

Unlike conventional insulation, Stucco siding will not require you to remove and replace messy wall insulation in order to increase your homes energy efficiency. Instead it will be the exterior layer of your home, and it even allows for new and creative architecture designs for your house.

Our contractors are experts at installing stucco exteriors in Michigan and we can guarantee you that our work will last and stand up to the changing Midwestern weather!